Bad Blogger…. Bad Blogger……

I am sorry for the blog silence, for those of you who actually care whether I write or not. I just have not been inspired to write much lately, and I hate posting just for the sake of posting.

It’s Monday again – somehow it always seems to come racing up on me at the end of a weekend. And I had a 3 day weekend and it still feels that way. My day off Friday was extremely busy with doctor’s appointment for Girl, my mom arriving in town, etc. We had a fantastic weekend with both Mr. Acorns’ grandmother and my mom here – farmer’s market, lots of yummy cooking, and a ton of fun playing with the kids.

I don’t have any real meal plan for the week, as we have a lot of leftovers and more company arriving on Wednesday, but here is what we made this weekend and will carry us through the week –

Eggplant Caponata – Mr. Acorns made Mario Batali’s recipe yesterday and while I haven’t had any yet (it had to cool and then we were stuffed last night), it smells delightful!!!! We’ve got some fresh baguette and I’m excited to munch on that for dinner tonight.

Marcella Hazan’s Pomodoro Sauce – it’s 3 ingredients and it is delicious. If you haven’t tried it, you can find it here - make it with a delicious pasta, some baked italian sausage (400 degrees for 30 min, easy), and homemade garlic bread and you will thank me. I tripled the recipe, added a jar of our own canned tomatoes for the third can, and served it with some cheese ravioli. Yummy.

Loaded Flank Steakthis Taste of Home recipe sounds easy and yummy. Will whip it up with some Cyndi Green Beans and maybe some mashed potatoes, which, for some reason, I’m craving on a 90 degree day. This will be for dinner on Thursday night.

On Saturday night we had some marinated NY Strip steaks (Mr. Acorns marinates the steak in red wine, soy sauce, and sprinkles them with tenderizer and Cavender’s greek seasoning and we let them sit all day), roasted fingerling potatoes (just chopped, coated in olive oil and Italian seasoning, roasted at 375 for 45 minutes), and corn on the cob a la Mr. Acorns (corn, butter, Lawry’s, and parmesan cheese).

That’s it for “meal planning Monday” – leftovers of all of the above will carry us tonight and tomorrow, Wednesday Mr. Acorns’ mom and stepdad arrive for a day, so we will likely head out for an early dinner before the kids go to bed, then the steak on Thursday.

Hoping to get back on the writing wagon this week if I can get inspired. Or frustrated by something. Hehe!

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