A New Week, A New Planner, A New Start

Well, it’s Monday again. Grumble, grumble grumble.

This week is made infinitely better with my new Home Office planner that I received in the mail on Saturday. It’s a momAgenda planner, and I got the biggest one they make to keep in the house. It is WICKED COOL! 

Yes, I’m from New England. Sorry.

For all of you looking for ways to keep your schedules and activities organized, but you’ve struggled with online or digital tools, this may just be your solution.

Until yesterday, my general organizational plan looked something like this:

  1. Cozi – most awesome online shared calendar/lists/etc. software I’ve seen yet. I tried Google Calendar but Cozi is more oriented for the family, so all of our personal stuff was here. Doc appts, daycare theme days, etc. I can code things by person with a click, and I can print off all my lists and agendas. And there’s an app for our phones, so Mr. Acorns and I both have instant access to everything on Cozi at all times – handy for trips to the grocery store, I can just add an item and ask him to stop on his way home, and vice versa! You can also use it for meal planning, saving recipes and even importing them directly into your shopping list. That is the BEST feature in my mind!
  2. Outlook/Google Calendar – this is where I was keeping all of my work stuff. I code deadlines in red, and daily “to do” in yellow so I stay on task (task lists in Outlook annoy me, sorry).
  3. I created a daily, printed “To Do” sheet for myself, customized to my diff categories of work, cleaning, exercise, etc. This isn’t even getting used right now because I can’t follow this many things.
  4. Weekly Daycare print out – I designed a weekly printout for us to use for various things – daycare themes/outfit days, meals, and birthdays. But I only use it for daycare. So clearly that isn’t being used to its best potential.

With all of the above I’ve still just felt disjointed, not organized, and that something was always falling through the cracks.

Enter the momAgenda!

I’m seriously in love. I now have a place in it for everything. Each week is broken down into 5 categories to use as you see fit. I use the large section for actual appointments and birthdays. Below that I have a category for daycare – this way I can write down which day is which theme, when I need to send in something special for a party, etc. Below that I put my work deadlines. The last 2 sections I plan to use for blog scheduling (so maybe I’ll get around do writing a lot more) and craft/projects.

I keep the book upstairs during the day, next to my kitchen file that never gets used either. Time to revamp that system as well! But this way the schedule for the week is right there. I don’t have to remember to print it out, I don’t have to get aggravated over not being able to print it out exactly as I want to see it. The momAgenda lays it out for me exactly as I want to see it! Each week, by category, clear and simple.

So my plan going forward has changed. I’m back to a paper calendar, and I’m very happy about this. I will send Outlook/Google Calendar appointments to us for specific things we need to remember (doctor appointments, etc.), but the main family calendar will be here at home.

Here are a few images to show you how I’m using it and some of its features.

momAgenda cover pencil

momAgenda agenda categories

momAgenda meal planning dinner

momAgenda pocket cover

I can’t wait to return from vacation and really get our schedule organized now. No more searching in desk drawers for the stamps, and anything that needs review will be put right into this agenda so it doesn’t get forgotten. Like that recall on my car that I filed away so I wouldn’t forget about it….. *sigh*

**No sponsorship or payment was received for this post. It’s just a new product I have that I love and wanted to share with my readers.

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