Blizzard Nemo and The Aftermath #nemo

We were very lucky in Blizzard Nemo. Unlike the previous two big storms we’ve had since moving back to New York, we managed to come through this one without losing our power. This was a nice change after Snowtober 2011 and Hurricane Sandy knocked out power for 3-5 days, forcing us to evacuate to my parents’ house in Rhode Island.

We basically got about 15-16″ of snow, but it was very soft and powdery so not a lot of snowmen or snow forts to be built. As a splurge, knowing how much snow was possible, we also called a plow guy ahead of time, so literally all we had to do was clean off the cars (the plow guy has a team that plows and shovels walkways, heavenly). 

So, we snuggled in, watched Finding Nemo, watched the snow fall and snapped some pics as it did. By Sunday night it was melting, and now, on Thursday, it’s basically down to just a few inches in most places, taller where the plow wakes are piled of course. 

Here are a few pics we snapped as the snow added up and the kids tried to play in snow… Poor Girl couldn’t walk in it, and when Boy tried to make a snow angel it was so deep he couldn’t move his arms and legs!!!

blizzard nemo 2013 pictures

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